This Honda BRV 2024 SUV is incredibly popular with Indian consumers. 13,000 reservations even prior to opening!

Honda BRV 2024 in India – As is also known, Honda pulled the BRV four-wheel drive car from the Indian market, but the company is planning to reintroduce this model. For your information, we would like to notify you that 13,000 reservations for this four-wheel drive car had been made one month prior to the launch. The company likewise did not anticipate such a positive outcome. Since this car wasn’t too popular in the past.

However, the entire appearance of this car has changed as a result of recent modifications. Being able to see which Indian clients are most drawn to. In today’s fantastic post, we will provide you with all the information you need to acquire this automobile from the Honda company. However, if you would want to know more about this car before making a purchase, the information we provide in this fantastic post will still be helpful to you.

Honda BRV 2024 Specifications

Honda BRV 2024
Honda BRV 2024 specifications

The previous Honda BRV four-wheel drive car, as most of us know, featured a seven-seat capacity and a 1497 cc four-cylinder engine. When it came to the ancient Honda BRV four-wheel drive car, it could produce a maximum power output of 117.2 horsepower and a maximum torque of 145 Newton metres. At one litre of gasoline, this vehicle could travel 15 km per litre. With a manual gearbox, this car was first offered in the Indian market.

Honda BRV 2024 Engine and Mileage

Regarding the gasoline tank capacity, this vehicle had a 42-liter fuel capacity. Speaking of the new variation, the company has made some significant changes. The new variant will come with an automatic gearbox and an engine based on the BSA 2.0, according to Honda. When it comes to mileage, this new Honda BRV four-wheel drive car will provide you with between 21 to 25 kilometres per gallon.

Honda BRV 2024 Price and launch date

Honda BRV 2024
Honda BRV 2024 price

Although the new Honda BRV 2024 will likewise have seven seats, the firm has significantly altered the vehicle’s appearance and design. Regarding pricing, this four-wheeled vehicle would retail for between 11 lakh and 14 lakh rupees when it is introduced to the Indian market. By next month, this car will be introduced to the Indian market. If you’d like more details, you may visit Honda’s official website.

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