With its risky 4-cylinder engine, Maruti Ignis Sigma 1.2 is offered at a very affordable price and a very high mileage.

Maruti Ignis sigma 1.2 – welcome back to our new news block post. As friends, let me tell you that today I will tell you about a great car that is so affordable and has a four-cylinder engine. The mileage is so high that there isn’t much more to say about it. Come on, let’s get all the details after this.

As friends, Let me to introduce you to the Maruti Ignis Sigma 1.2 vehicle, which will be available to you for just 5 lakh rupees and has an amazing and Powerful engine.

Friends, at the same time, you will know about the best power fuel petrol and its fuel capacity. Please share with us all the details and specifications that involves to it, as these are important to know when purchasing a car. Let’s get started right away with the specifications.

Maruti Ignis Sigma 1.2 Specifications

Engine1197cc, 4 cylinder inline, 4 valves/cylinder, dohc
Engine Type1.2 liter vvt
Fuel TypePetrol
Maximum Power(bhp@rpm)Power of 82 bhp at 6000 rpm
Maximum torque(nm at rpm)113nm torque at 4200rpm
Mileage(ARAI)20.8 kmpl
Driving Range668 km

Maruti Ignis Sigma 1.2 Engine

As friends, allow me to inform you that it has an excellent and potent engine. Its four-cylinder engine is quite powerful, and I would like to share this with your friends.

Maruti Ignis Sigma 1.2
Maruti Ignis Sigma 1.2 engine
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In addition, my friends, this engine has a fantastic displacement of 1197 cc. Friends, you can only imagine how amazing and deadly this car is if we tell you about its top speed, it can reach 100 kilometres per hour from 0 in just 12 seconds.

Maruti Ignis Sigma 1.2 Features

Friends, if we discuss the features of this car, we receive premium features like friends. It has many different kinds of features, but friends come first. Afterwards, if we discuss the maximum power, it has 82 horsepower at 6000 rpm.

If we talk about the features of this automobile, then friends, it has front wheel drive, which allows it to go 668 kilometres on a single charge. It can also easily cover a distance of 20 kilometres in one litre.

When it comes to its body structure, we are told that it has two rows and can seat five people comfortably. Its fuel tank capacity is 32 litres, which is excellent and wonderful.

Maruti Ignis Sigma 1.2 Safety Features

Friends, when it comes to safety features in this vehicle, a lot of safety elements have been included. For example, we have been given a warning when we exceed 80 kmph.

Maruti Ignis Sigma 1.2
Maruti Ignis Sigma 1.2 features

In addition, a more serious warning has been issued for the 120, which is ideal for friends. In addition, we can see two additional bags inside, one for the driver and one for the passenger.

Maruti Ignis Sigma 1.2 Price

Friends, we used to discuss about how much this price. It offers amazing features to friends at a very affordable price. According to friends, we will pay roughly ₹5,84,000 for it, which is the ex-showroom price.

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