Motorola Bendy Smartphone Launch Date in India: Motorola is introducing the world’s first flexible smartphone!

Motorola Bendy Smartphone Launch Date – As you are all aware, Motorola is a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company. Motorola introduced one of its bendy smartphones at Lenovo Tech World in 2023, which, when properly opened, has a 6.9 inch FHD display. It was pOLED, and MotoAI will also be included in this bendy phone. The amazing thing is that the company claims you can wear this smartphone in your hand like a watch. Today, we will discuss the Motorola Bendy phone Launch Date in India and the specifications.

Motorola Bendy Smartphone Launch Date in India

Motorola Bendy Smartphone
Motorola Bendy Smartphone

Talking about the Motorola Bendy Smartphone Launch Date in India, Motorola has been working on such futuristic and unique phones for several years. For your information, Motorola also showed a similar phone in 2016. Currently, the company claims to be launching this bendy phone in the global market, but Motorola has not provided a timeline, so it is impossible to predict when it will be launched in India, but the company has released some of its specifications. Information has been shared and is provided below in this article.

Motorola Bendy Smartphone Display

Motorola Bendy Smartphone
Motorola Bendy display

Motorola’s bendy smartphone will have a large 6.9 inch FHD Plus pOLED display, which will be capable of taking many shapes when kept flat so that you can use it like a smartphone. This phone will have a very fast refresh rate and high brightness, and the company has named this bendy display Adaptive Display. Because of its flexibility, you can easily bend it and wear it on your wrist like a watch.

Motorola Bendy Smartphone Battery

Currently, the company has not provided any information about the battery of this bendy smartphone. According to experts, in order to power this bendy phone, the company will need to use a flexible battery, which has yet to be developed. According to reports, the company is working hard on this phone and will soon release information about its battery.

Motorola Bendy Smartphone Features

Motorola Bendy Smartphone
Motorola Bendy phone features

Many amazing features will be provided in Motorola’s bendy smartphone; the company has stated that this smartphone will be full of AI features, which are typically found in expensive flagship phones today, but the company has included every possible feature in this bendy phone. However, there are many foldable and flip phones available in the market, with prices ranging from Rs 1 to 1.5 lakh. While Motorola has not disclosed its price, it is possible that the company will release it at a low price, allowing all of these foldable smartphones to return home.

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Motorola Bendy smartphone Price

Let us discuss the price of the MOTOROLA Bendy Phone, Motorola has not yet released an official price for the phone, but based on its specifications and features, it is expected to cost between Rs 45,000 and Rs 60,000. Can be seen around.

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