Skoda plans to introduce its 500KM range and reasonably priced first electric Skoda Epiq vehicle to the market.

Skoda Epiq – Due to the fast growth in petrol and diesel prices in the Indian market, there is a valuable increase in demand for electric vehicles, which is why all of the manufacturers are launching their electric models into this market quickly. Skoda, which plans to introduce its first electric car in India shortly, has now also chosen to compete in this contest.

The Skoda Epiq will be the name of this vehicle, and plans are now underway for its introduction in India. You will receive a great deal of branded features in this car, along with a very extended range. Let us now know every detail of this amazing vehicle.

Skoda Epiq features

Skoda Epiq
Skoda Epiq features

We are happy to inform you that the Skoda Epic will be arriving on the market with a lot of fantastic new features. This is a great example of how modern technology, electric performance that is suitable for urban settings, and useful design can come together.

Skoda Epiq performance

The company offers lithium ion batteries with a 38–56 kWh capacity for the Skoda Epiq, allowing the vehicle to go 400–500 kilometres on a single charge. In addition, this automobile has compatibility for both bi-directional and rapid charging.

Skoda Epiq price and launch date in India

Skoda Epiq
Skoda’s Epiq price

The launch date and cost of this vehicle are still unknown from the firm. On the other hand, 2025 may see the release of this vehicle in India, if rumours are to be believed. The company may also sell it for as much as Rs 19 lakh at the outset, ex-showroom. The price of its most expensive form, ex-showroom, may reach approximately Rs 23 lakh.

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