You must have seen many various sorts of mobile phones in the mobile industry, and most people preferred the foldable phone.  Samsung dominates the foldable phone industry.

Apple is also planning to release a new foldable phone shortly to compete with Samsung, therefore everyone is waiting for Apple's foldable phone.

Users will benefit from Apple's future foldable phone's support for USB C ports and MagSafe.  Additionally, Apple's foldable phone will enable Face Lock and Touch ID. When it comes to the processor, it can be as powerful as the iPhone 15.

According to rumours, consumers will be able to view an 8-inch display on this Apple phone.

Apple can also use a silver nanowire touch technology in this phone to provide people a fantastic user experience.

Apple has yet to provide an official pricing update, however some speculations suggest that the foldable iPhone would cost more than Rs 1 lakh.

There is no official word yet on when Apple will release its foldable iPhone.  However, some authoritative rumours indicate that Apple may unveil its first foldable iPhone beyond 2025.

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