Launched in China, the Xiaomi Su7 Electric Sedan has a 7-month waiting period and a 998KM range with a 673HP electric engine.

Xiaomi Su7 electric sedan – Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has recently expanded into the electric vehicle market. The Xiaomi SU7 Electric Sedan is the brand-new electric vehicle that the company just introduced in China. This electric vehicle is powerful, according to the report, and it will compete with electric vehicles from Tesla, Audi, and BMW. More Details about this su7 electric sedan is provided below.

Xiaomi SU7 Electric Sedan Details

The SU7 Electric Sedan car has reportedly been introduced in China, and it will reportedly require six to seven months to arrive on the market. Not only that, but 89,000 pre-orders for this electric automobile were received in China in the first 24 hours of its launch, according to reports.

Xiaomi SU7 Electric Sedan Engine

Xiaomi SU7 Electric Sedan
SU7 Electric Sedan engine

You are aware that this electric vehicle will be available in two different configurations: the first will have a 299 horsepower electric engine, while the second, which will have a four-wheel drive motor, will have a 673 horsepower electric engine.

Xiaomi SU7 Electric Sedan Range

As previously mentioned, there are two variations of this Xiaomi electric vehicle available to you. The base model has a 101kWh lithium-ion battery supplied by CATL, which gives the vehicle a range of up to 800 km. The second variant comes with a 132kWh lithium-ion battery supplied by CATL, which gives the vehicle a range of 998 km.

Xiaomi SU7 Electric Sedan Design

Xiaomi SU7 Electric Sedan
Xiaomi SU7 Electric Sedan design

This electric automobile from Xiaomi has a really athletic appearance. Its measurements are 1,440 mm in height, 1,963 mm in width, and 4,997 mm in length. For your knowledge, this makes it slightly taller and longer than the Porsche Taycan.

Xiaomi SU7 Electric Sedan price

It may surprise you to learn that the cost of this electric vehicle in China is 215,900 yuan, while ₹25,42,740, in India. Visit our homepage at to get such interesting information.

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