Yamaha RX 100 returning in 2024; know what will be new!

Yamaha RX 100 – The RX100, the heartthrob of 1980s youth, is returning! Yes, you read it correctly! That powerful pickup and amazing-looking bike will be released in a new style. The RX100, which was first introduced in 1985, enthralled the youth, and now that magic is back. Wait for the RX100, which has a new design and appearance but retains the same thrill.

Listen up, bikers! Remember the smoke-blowing RX100? She is returning in a new form! There is speculation on social media that Yamaha will relaunch its RX100. New look, new colours, and the same old thrill – great news for bike enthusiasts! This explosive bike’s features and specifications had already made it a fan favourite. So, prepare to hear the roar of the RX100 again!

Yamaha RX100 Features

Yamaha RX 100
Yamaha RX 100 features

Remember the RX100 that made waves? She’s back, and she’s even more unique than before! The upcoming RX100 will include modern features such as a USB charging port, digital metre, service indicator, and navigation system! Wait, there is more! It is also likely to have disc brakes up front and a temperature display in the back for better braking. As a result, the RX100 boasts both new age features and classic styling! Prepare to enjoy biking again!

Yamaha RX100 Engine

The iconic Yamaha Rx 100 is making a comeback, but with a more powerful engine than ever before! The new bike is expected to have a 200 or 250 cc engine, which will increase speed and power. This upgraded engine will undoubtedly appeal to bike enthusiasts because it combines the classic looks of the original RX 100 with modern-day performance. Everyone is excited for the new version, which promises great features and a powerful engine. So get ready, the new RX 100 avatar will be on the roads soon!

Yamaha RX 100 Price

The news is that this time it will be powered by a powerful 200 cc engine, which will double the fun of speed. The price is estimated to be between Rs 1.5 lakh and Rs 2 lakh. It remains to be seen where Yamaha places this new RX 100, but based on its price, it appears that it will appeal particularly to young people looking for a stylish and powerful bike that will not break the bank!

Yamaha RX 100 Launch Date

Yamaha RX 100
Yamaha RX 100 launch date

Your favourite Yamaha RX 100 is making a comeback, but with a shorter wait. It is believed that this cool bike will be released in 2024 or 2025. Complete information has yet to be revealed, but it is expected that all secrets will be revealed prior to launch. So get ready because the new RX 100 will soon be on the road!

Yamaha RX100 Competitors

Yamaha RX 100 will be competed with TVS Raider, Honda SP 125 and TVS Apache RTR 160.

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