The Hyundai Verna, with a 1500cc engine ideal for long journeys, is available at an EMI of just Rs 18,000. Know thw full details!.

Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Verna – People’s hearts are ruled by this Hyundai car. Although this car is thought to be the people’s pick, buyers are unable to get their preferred vehicle because of the high cost of the vehicle. However, you don’t have to be disappointed because we have the Hyundai’s Verna financing plan available to you … Read more

Hero Pleasure Plus Xtec; Hero’s Bluetooth-connectivity scooter was released. Runs 70 km on a single liter of gasoline; Know the full details.

Hero Pleasure Plus Xtec

Hero Pleasure Plus Xtec – In the Indian market, the Hero Company has total control over the motorcycle industry. In terms of mileage, Hero Company motorcycles are regarded as the best. Hero has also introduced their scooter, which will provide excellent fuel economy similar to that of a motorbike, in such a scenario. This scooter … Read more

The launch date of the Tata Electric Nano, India’s most affordable vehicle, is expected to fall within the means of the poor.

Tata electric Nano

Tata Electric Nano launch date – The cheapest car in India, the Tata Electric’s Nano, is scheduled to make a comeback in an electric form. Although the launch date has not been disclosed by the company, rumors and leaks indicate that it may launch in 2024. Today’s post will cover its features, cost, and release … Read more

Yamaha launched the powerful Yamaha MT 25 With 41.4 horsepower, know the full details!

Yamaha MT 25

Yamaha MT 25 Launch Date – According to recent reports, Yamaha has introduced a new MT-25 model in Japan. Still, the 2024 model is essentially the same motorcycle with the exception of a new color option. Yamaha lovers can’t wait to see the new color option. So let’s get started on this page and learn … Read more

Honda Electric Activa Launch date confirmed; TVS and Ola are in danger! 260 Km on a single charge; see the price and launch date.

Honda Electric Activa

Honda Electric Activa Launch Date – There will soon be an electric version of the popular Honda Activa scooter on the market. Yes, an electric Activa is about to be released by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI). People are really excited to see it, and talk about it is frequently heard among them. Honda … Read more

The Vespa Dragon 125cc costs ₹14.15 lakh and has no unique features. You should view the features once.

Vespa Dragon 125cc

Vespa, a foreign brand, has introduced the bloody pricey Vespa Dragon 125cc scooter. Allow me to inform you that this electric scooter costs 14.27 lakhs in India. Today, the electric scooter we are discussing is the Vespa Dragon 125cc, a limited edition model. Vespa Dragon 125cc Features The Vespa Limited Edition Vespa Dragon’s 125cc scooter … Read more

Honda Vario 160 – Honda’s 160cc scooter, with a 16 HP engine, 130 KM/H top speed, and an incredible 70 KM/L of mileage, will soon be available.

Honda Vario 160

Honda Vario 160 – Honda is about to introduce the sleek Vario 160 electric scooter, which is expected to pose a serious threat to the electric scooters made by Yamaha and KTM. In India, demand for Honda’s electric scooter has skyrocketed since its debut. Additionally, a lot of people have been expecting its launch date … Read more

It’s prepared to make waves in the market! Honda U-Go will have a 200-kilometer range and a 10-year battery guarantee. Know Full details!

Honda U-Go

Honda U-Go – All two-wheeler manufacturers are introducing their own electric scooters as a result of the growing demand for these vehicles. Honda has announced the release of a second electric scooter at the same time. The Honda U-Go Electric Scooter is the brand-new electric scooter from Honda. This new electric scooter from Honda is … Read more

BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter Launches in India; 130 km Range, 120 km/h Top Speed. know the Price and Launch Date!


BMW CE 04 – Major automakers are also introducing their own electric scooters in response to the growing demand for them in the Indian market. BMW plans to introduce its first electric scooter in this category; it will be an luxurious model. The BMW CE 04 will have a 130 km range, and the company … Read more

The Maruti Grand Vitara is now ₹ 2.62 lakhs less expensive. Get it immediately if you want to purchase it. Know Full Details!

Maruti Grand Vitara

Maruti Grand Vitara – At last, a pleasant development for the summer has been the significant reduction in the price of Maruti’s most potent SUV. On the Maruti Grand Vitara, we will now receive a straight discount of Rs 2.6 lakh; this deal is valid for a limited period of time. With the Maruti Grand … Read more

The Volkswagen Tharu XR Just saw the price; incredible 1500cc engine, 33KM/mile, will cause chaos on the road.

Volkswagen Tarur XR

Volkswagen Tharu XR – Every day, the German automaker Volkswagen introduces brand-new, high-quality cars to the global market. In response, the manufacturer has released a second new vehicle onto the market. We’ll discuss the Volkswagen business’s Tharu XR automobile in today’s post. The company has introduced its newest vehicle to the Chinese market. In terms … Read more

The powerful 110cc engine and 90KM/L mileage of the Honda Dio BS4 produced a lasting impression, even for a poor person’s budget.

Honda Dio BS4

The Honda Dio BS4 scooter was introduced by Honda to the market. There are two versions of this scooter: Standard and Deluxe. The prices of the two types are Rs 59,990 and Rs 63,340, respectively. The BS4 Honda Dio is around Rs 7,000 less expensive than the BS6 model. In addition to the BS4 engine, … Read more

Get Vivo T3 Lite 5G with 8GB RAM and a 5000mAh battery just ₹10,500. The Maruti Grand Vitara is now ₹2.62 lakhs cheaper. Buy it now! Infinix GT 20; Incredible savings MediaTek Dimensity 8200 and features A high-performing electric vehicle was seen during testing! Realme GT 6T; know when it’s launch, 100W rapid charge with 12GB RAM!