The first-ever Bajaj CNG bike will be introduced in India. It will launch on June 18 and provide both CNG and petrol options.

Bajaj Cng Bike – The debut of Bajaj’s first CNG bike in the Indian two-wheeler industry has been announced by the two-wheeler maker. There are rumours that a CNG bike may be introduced for the first time in India. We would like to inform you that this CNG bike is known as the Bajaj Bruzer. Recently, Bajaj Bruzer has been observed in testing.

Many Features of the motorbike have also been made public. At this time, the front tire’s disc brakes and the rear tire’s drum brakes were discovered. This Bajaj CNG bike can be a fantastic choice for you if you’re also intending to purchase a bike for yourself. Allow us to provide you with the complete details on this bike, including its price.

Bajaj Cng Bike Features

Bajaj Cng Bike
Bajaj Cng Bike features

In terms of design, this CNG bike from the Bajaj company is quite similar to the Bajaj Platina. This bike is probably going to come with a semi-digital instrument console, along with features like an ABS light, a gear indication, and gear guidance. You can see 17-inch tubeless tyres next to this. The LED headlight and bi-fuel arrangement are seen in the remaining features. In addition, much like all other bikes, you will receive a petrol tank; however, the CNG tank will be located behind the seat.

Bajaj Cng Bike Mileage

In most publications, it is being said that Bajaj’s CNG bike mileage is expected to be the same as Bajaj Platina. As for the Bajaj Platina, let us inform you that it has a mileage of roughly 70 kilometres per litre; the company expected that this bike will have an even higher mileage per litre.

Bajaj Cng Bike Engine

With this Bajaj CNG bike, you will also have the ability to switch between fuel and CNG mode. Aside from that, you can see that this bike has the same engine as the Bajaj Platina, which has an engine that is roughly 110 cc. The company claims that a Bajaj CNG bike can also be given with an engine of about 110 cc. This engine has an 8.7 horsepower and 9.87 Nm of torque output. Allow me to inform you that a six speed gearbox has been connected to the engine.

Bajaj Cng Bike price and Launch Date

Bajaj Cng Bike
Bajaj Cng Bike price and launch date

It has been reported that the original ex-showroom cost of this Bajaj CNG bike can be maintained at approximately ₹ 80000. For your knowledge, we would like to inform you that the official information regarding the launch date of this bike is June 18. On June 18, this bike will be introduced to the Indian market. If you are thinking to purchasing this bike as well, you can buy this CNG bike after its launch on 18 June.

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